Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY Studded Candles

Hey ya folks!  How's it going?  I just wanted to stop in with this quick little project I just finished.  You see, I bought these birch log candlesticks the other day and then couldn't find candles that I liked to put on them.  So, there they sat for about a month with nothing on them.  I tried some teal candles, but since I have nothing else teal in my house, they drove me nuts and off to my mom's house they went.  :-)  Again, there sat the candlesticks all lonely and everything.

Then, two nights ago, I couldn't sleep so I searched on Pinterest for diy candle decorating.  Let me just tell you, there is not a lot out there.  Apparently, I'm the only weirdo who can't just find candles I like in the store.  So, I got to thinking, what did I want the candles to look like?  I decided I wanted a kind of tribal print and maybe some studs.  I remembered that I had seen something done with tacks, so off to good old Walmart I went in search of solid colored candles and some gold tacks.  Of course, my Walmart didn't have gold tacks, so instead, I bought some gold brad fasteners and hoped for the best.  

So, there isn't much explanation needed for this.  Figure out what pattern or design you want and just start pushing the brads/tacks in.  I do think tacks might work better for this because they probably wouldn't bend as much, but really, I didn't have any trouble.  The great thing is, if you mess up, you just pull the brad out and start again!  So, here they are!

I think I would have rather had black candles and used the gold brads to stud them (or possibly even some white brads), so I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for some, but I like these for now.  :-)  What do you think?  Are you up for making some studded candles of your own?  You could do so many different designs and even spell out a word with several candles!  Use your imagination!  What design would you do?  What else have you seen that used tacks or brads as studs?  Leave me some comment love!
Love ya like a lazy girl loves naps,
The Lazy Girl~ Jamie

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