Monday, October 14, 2013

Polyvore Project Decorate

Hey guys!  Just wanted to stop in and show you a little something I worked up. Megan from the awesome blog  Honey We're Home is hosting a contest on Polyvore.  If you've never checked out Polyvore, it's a great website where you can put together moodboards for any outfit you could possibly think of.  Well, now they've added a section where you can put together home décor ideas as well! 

Megan has teamed up with Polyvore to host a Sexy Glam Style Contest... The prize for the winner?  A $500.00 gift card to Pottery Barn!  Awesome right?!!  Here is the room that I created for the contest.

I'd love it if you'd go over and vote for me!  The contest ends in a week and I'm pretty sure you can vote at least once a day.  Thanks so much for your support!  Have a great day!!!

The Lazy Girl~ Jamie


  1. Great job Jamie! I've not used Polyvore before. I use Olioboard when I need to do anything like that. Going to have to check that out!

    1. Thanks Susan! I have always used Olioboard for my mood boards too, but I thought I'd give Polyvore a try. Polyvore is great for clothing, but I think Olioboard will still be my go to for anything house related. :-)